VR Gamehouse Arena
VR Gamehouse Arena is the most powerful VR entertainment center in Amsterdam. Inside, tech and games are by Neurogaming, management and operations — by VR Gamehouse. My job was to strike the deal between the two and have these brilliant groups work together nicely.
The dubious crown jewel of the place is PolygonVR, the famed run-around shoot-your-friend-in-the-face virtual reality machine.
With sophisticated neural-network skeleton recognition and realistically recoiling Striker guns, it's the closest thing to the actual murder of your friends and loved ones.
More shooting, fighting, dancing and gloating activities are available at the local PlayVR stations.
Painted humble electric blue, with unobstrusive wall paintings of violent weaponry by Gordon, VR Gamehouse Arena quickly gained popularity as a corporate retreat, with companies like Cisco, Dell or Booking.com coming back for more.