Yandex.Music (Concept)
This concept for Yandex.Music is nothing special, I suppose, merely an example of thorough UI work we used to do with Niko and Sergey Minkin, who himself went to work for Yandex later on.
You will notice that we mix skeumorphics with flat design, making the control surface to pretend it's a music centre. A tap on the right swipes in the radio controls designed to resemble a separate device. To this day, I haven't seen this difference between music 'on-demand' and 'radio' well-resolved. Progress bar is united with the search bar.
One of the better things: unlimited scroll upwards. So the state you see is the middle of an infinite page. Below the search bar is the on-demand music, the top is for mixtapes. At the time we loved mixtapes. Even to this day, compilations of music known as 'playlists' lack the charm of true mixtapes.