Undev had been a sister company to AltSpace within the Digital October Group before it was purchased by a large system integrator. A lot of remarkable software engineers gathered under one roof to work, drink and, at times, fuck together. I would like, but cannot, produce a proper story of this singular group; most of my time I spent with mine. But a lot of love was invested into their identity.
Creative direction by myself. Art-directed by Igor Voloshuk. Designs by Kirill Demidenko, Vladimir Zotov, Andrey Davydov, Sergey Vatunsky, Anna Bulycheva. Occasional copy by myself and That Man. Production of physical objects by Natalia Gorelik-Olenina and Natalia Oborina.
The logo has to do with matrices, obviously, but also with programming types. Different shapes demonstrate objects composed of various types.
What I liked about this style is that we actually implemented it. What you see is not mockups, it's real photography of real merchandise, most of its production supervised by Natalia Gorelik-Olenina and Natalia Oborina.
I realise that posting the whole series of their gloomy, geeky office is a bit too much, but I don't think I can help it. All pictures by @totsamiykotoriy.
At some point someone came up with the idea of violent animals because fuck it why not, right? Anna Buluycheva did the art.
Any identity is also a banner of sorts and people should be happy working under that banner. It seemed very much to be the case with Undev.