And so we named it
Extra Axis / The Basis
A naming & identity project for INDG done together with Gordon
Naming is more liberal and more rigorous than folks expect. It is liberal in the sense there are many methods to do it—with brands, with children. It is rigorous because the outcome must be accepted by a lot of people. Try to name a boy 'Crap Lord' and you'll see my meaning.
What you see was a naming project for INDG which is becoming an umbrella brand. The 3D modelling part of INDG thus needed a name.
Within a company, a new name is not just words, but rather a new hierarchy. For instance, who used to be head of 3D modelling department, may now become the CEO of Extra Axis. A name promotes competition with all positive and negative aspects that come with it.
Naming is not (only) blowing snow, but also some thesaurus work.
A new name can be a brand—as in a hot-iron stamp—or a banner. Both are typically used in involuntary activities. The former is applied to mark ownership, the latter is a non-debatable social fence around a group of people. Both can mean something good if applied correctly.
I always present a name juxtaposed to some graphical sketches to showcase the measure of freedom I associate with it. Sometimes I plan the name so its graphics are rigid. In other cases, like Undev, it's open for experiments and interpretation. Whatever is the case, it must be deliberately chosen. Sometimes you want everyone to play with the name and the brand; other times you want it a closed system.