The surround-sound app
I must admit, this is a 'dumber' project that didn't have any grandiose philosophy behind it. I met Tom Ammerman of New Audio Technology and was mesmerised my his stuff.

Even though right now virtualisation is everywhere, his, I think, is still one of the best. So the basic point of the project was to design a spatial music-playing mobile app.

Done by Maxim Gudin [behance] as 3D art-director, Alcozombie [behance] as designer, myself as creative director.
The main metaphor was 'rooms': you changed from preset to preset by switching from room to room. The beautiful renders are Maxim Goudin's. He then produced several more.
That was the era of skeuomorphism. You wanna get in a new room? You have to pay.
At some point, I also asked Tom for a personal demo and we recorded it. I embed it below as a curiosity.