Well, let's look at your VR, boy.
My name is Dima Neiaglov.

I facilitate creative groups, typically as a creative director or a researcher. Below is my past work. Currently, I'm in the Netherlands with VRTech & Neurogaming.

Get in touch: dima.neiaglov@gmail.com or +31 6 1457 9373
The Niko Series
Research, UI, frustration
He and I (often including Alcozombie) did a lot of research together. It made sense to gather everything under one roof. Read all about the man on the separate page.
Eugene Onegin read by Stephen Fry
My favourite Russian novel saw several sophisticated translations, but few recorded readings. I filled the gap, producing and directing a free-to-listen audio version.
Psst! Want more Stephen or more poems?
Check out a concept for Penguin Press by Laar, Alcozombie and myself. Or, download a mini-series of poems by Linor Goralik (produced by myself, read by James Gillies).
Unfortunately, I cannot show a lot of my commercial work due to the client's wishes. From time to time, some of my stuff pops up on Behance though.
We call it beta...
I haven't finished putting all my work to this website. Much more is coming. Please come back later for this page to have more stuff.